Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Amira week 1 (Term 3) Reading Follow up Task: Planet Earth and beyond (Maungakiekie)

Every single day me and dad play baseball dad always tells me look where you are going to hit the ball don’t just hit the ball and let it go wherever. I just hit the ball I don’t want to look where to hit the ball. Arrgh, oh are you o.k sir? Ahhhhhh what is with his teeth there blue is he an alien no i dreaming better get the ball and head to dad to play more baseball.

This week we learnt about space

Walt: ask questions before and during reading to create a deeper understanding of the texts.
Walt: make deep connections between a range of texts.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Amira bike safety - wearing a bike helmet

  1. First thing you  need to do is  check for cracks  because if there are cracks and you wear the helmet and you get in a crash then you think that the helmet that you are wearing is safe a protects your head but if it has a or more cracks in or on it. It won’t save you head and you brian and you might get serious head injury.
  2. take off hair accessories like headbands caps hats beanies and also have a low pony tail if you are a girl or a boy with a ponytail.
  3. Make sure the helmet is the right size for your head check the straps are right and are not loose or too tight.

  1. Make sure it is a Y around your ears.

Questions to answer:
What does Think safety first mean Think safety means to think about safety in the boat and out in the water. For example: where a lifejacket , where good foot wear.
Why should you know about the tide because if you go out when the tide is rough then the boat might flip and also you might get trapped in the open sea.
What kind of footwear is good footwear?good footwear is boots , flippers and shoes
Why go with a friend? Because if you get hurt then your friend can help you and also they can help you fish.
What does risky mean here?
Risky means big waves comes to you but you can’t fish here so you move to fish somewhere else that isn’t risky